Introduction to GNOME

Hi everybody! 🙂 Before I begin , let me introduce myself –  I am Elita Lobo , currently a 2nd year student of Electronics and Communication Engineering department in NIT Durgapur. I am a passionate coder and love working on open source projects in my past time. I have been selected for GSOC this year to work on Revamping the user interface of Gnome-Calculator and I am super excited about it ! 😀                                                                                                                  So yeah, basically I am going to fill this blog with every bit of detail of my project work and introduce to you the amazing world of GNOME!

To begin with, GNOME is a user friendly desktop environment with a large no of unique features and which is highly customizable to suit the user’s tastes and preferences. It is composed entirely of free and open source software and targets to be cross platform. Gnome , which is a part of GNU Project and  aims to develop software frameworks for the development of software and to program reusable  user end  applications based on these frameworks.                                                                                                                    
The GNOME  project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity and usability. The other aims of this project are:

  • Freedom: The GNOME Project ensures that the source code of the desktop environment is readily available to all users for modification under free software license.
  • Accessibility: It ensures that the desktop can be used by anyone without
  • any requirements of technical skills.
  • Internationalization and Localization: GNOME has made its desktop environment available in several languages and continues to expand support to various regional languages.
  • Developer Friendly: It ensures ease of writing the software that integrates smoothly with the desktop and maintains a well updated documentation. Getting involved in the development of GNOME is very easy as plenty of support is made available through discussions on mailing lists and gnome irc channels.
  •  Organization: GNOME adheres a regular release cycle and maintains a disciplined community structure.

To explore GNOME further ,you can visit the gnome website.

This Summer I am going to work on improving the User Interface of Gnome’s desktop Calculator. Will update the blog with the project details in due course of time, till then stay tuned!                    
Here is a link to my proposal for further details about my GSOC Project.



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