Post Mid Term : Revamping the UI of Gnome Calculator and adding History-View

Hi Everybody,

The History View is finally complete after fixing all the minor bugs associated. Earlier a scrollbar would appear when an equation or answer is too long which was undesirable. We have now replaced the Gtk TextViews by Gtk Labels whose ellipsize property takes care of representation of really long equations.Also the answers on the Gtk Label has a precision of 4 digits so that the whole answer is visible to the user.We haven’t decreased the precision of the calculator as the real answer with 9 digits precision is made available as a tooltip for answer label. Each entry in the history view now consists of equation and corresponding answer , each of which is individually selectable and has been provided with a tooltip to enable viewing of long equations.Also the History View has been redesigned in a way such that on clicking any of the equation in the history view, the selected equation replaced the existing equation and on clicking an of the answers in the history view, the selected answer is appended to the existing equation. We had to make some major changes in the previous History View patch so that the code is well optimized and efficient. We also added color to the result button and the clear button to make the UI a little more lively and attractive but keep it simple at the same time. We have also added 2px padding to the buttons so that they don’t appear to be cramped up on the UI.

The history View now appears as following.


We are going to implement the Keyboard next! For more updates , stay tuned!


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